About Us

The Secklow Agency was started on the 2nd february 2009.in the town of Milton Keynes. The name Secklow actually means six hills in Old German or Anglo Saxon, and is linked to the modern day German word for warrior or champion. The Secklow moot which is next to the MK library and council is like a beautiful garden to this day decisions for the whole of Mk are made where the Secklow mound or moot.
The Secklow Hundred is also a pub in the City Centre run by Wetherspoons but before the name Secklow hundreds were given to conscripts in the local Secklow army in the early 19th century.
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Our prime directive is to not charge a commission or surcharge to the venues we perform for and our talent, most musicians hate the idea of being charged for something they can already get for free.
We provide a free list building notice board agency, good relations with other agencies and we work with them to get the best service possible.We may even be able to book You a celebrity for Your event if they are available. We have all the contacts to enable this.

We advertise and help publicise your event on our partner Radio Station www.secklowsounds.org 

Should You like to join us or submit a demo please send a mp3 or video of yourself performing to our email:


We look forward to hearing your work.

Secklow can supply musical equipment for Your venue and can provide session musicians for your personal recordings. Guitars, Pianos Electric or Acoustic, Drums etc all available for hire please contact us beforehand. Tell us what you need on an email and we will send you the prices of hiring out the equipment..
All prices for music gear are subject to availability.
We have all sorts of musicians and groups that are not listed on the blog, We will get in contact with them upon request and ask if they would like to agree to the Event, Show, Function,.Party or Theme night, We are in contact with every Genre of Musician/s or Performer/s So you are on a budget we can negotiate a deal with you depending on the size of the venue or event. Charity events or fundraising activities are frbut we would need to ask for transport costs.

Kind Regards Fred Waller
Director of The Secklow Agency.